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Employee Self Service

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Understanding the Employee Self Service Options

Functions for employees and managers

Viewing Profile Information

Employees are able to use the Profile application to review information that the Human Resources (HR) / Human Capital Management (HCM) department...

Updating Profile Information

Users can update selected portions of their Profile information in the General collapsible section.

Reviewing and Printing Pay Statements

Users can utilize the Pay Statements web app to review a list of their pay statements generated by payroll.

Working with Attendance Balances and Requests

Use the Attendance & Requests mySparkrock Application to review a user’s current balances for entitlements accrued (e.g., Vacation or...

Reviewing and Updating Tasks

The Tasks application enables users to see the tasks they have been assigned and the status for each task.

Viewing Qualifications

The Qualifications page enables users to review the qualifications that HR, HCM has on file for them.

Viewing Assigned Items

The Assigned Items application enables users to review the items that have been assigned to them as a requirement of their position, such as key...

Working with Timesheets

The Timesheets application enables users to review their historical timesheets as well as create/enter new timesheets.

Viewing Tax Forms

The Tax Forms application enables users to view their tax forms and save them for future reference when filing their income taxes.

Working with Training and Registration

This page allows you to review available training programs and courses and to request registration if spots are available.

Expenses and Claims