Time Sheet Entry

Time sheet data entry and approvals are done on a weekly basis. This allows for a common unit of time across all employees.

Time Sheet Entry

  1. Choose the icon that opens the Tell Me feature, enter Time Sheet Entry, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the week for data entry. The current week (based on the Work Date configured in My Settings) will be present by default.
  3. Select the time entry unit for data entry. Only units that you are eligible to perform data entry for are available.
  4. Display Mode selector will appear if:
    • the Data Entry Mode for the selected unit is employee, and
    • the selected unit is configured to Allow Manager Data Entry, and
    • the current user has an assignment that matches the Time Entry Unit Position criteria.

    Display Mode allows the Manager to choose to see their own time entry lines, those of their direct reports, or both combined. Choose the appropriate mode.

You can Choose a week directly from Selected Week, or you can navigate between adjacent weeks by using the Process menu and choosing Previous Week or Next Week

Working with Time Lines

Time sheet lines are automatically generated for all employees that meet the filter criteria of the Time Entry Unit Position.

Employees can only data enter time through the assignment Calculation End Date. For example, if the employee assignment ends on Wednesday, the employee cannot enter time on Thursday/Friday of that week.

You can alternate between a Work Week and a Full Week by choosing the like-named actions under Process.

Each Time Entry Unit Position must have at least one Time Entry Activity. One Activity can be marked as the Default value if you want daily hours to be defaulted from the Hours per Day from the employee assignment.

The HR Pay Code in Time Sheet Entry will default from the employee assignment, or the Time Entry Unit Position Activity. The HR Pay Code from the time sheet line will be sent to the Compensation Journal along with hours worked.

To add a comment for an entire week, enter it in the Comment column for that row in Time Lines. To add a comment to a specific day's entry, choose the corresponding cell. If the cell has a non-zero value, a control appears which you can choose to open an Assist Edit dialog for the cell. In this dialog you can enter a comment specific to this day. When an individual day has an associated comment, the data value for that day displays in bold.

To quickly review multiple comments for the selected row, choose Manage, Detail from the Time Lines action bar.

Advanced options

If you need to clear the existing row data, choose More options, then choose Processing, Clear Data Entries, and then specify the set of rows to be cleared.

If the Unit has one or more Dimensions set up for editing, you can choose the corresponding column and cell to enter a new dimension value directly or choose the Look up value button to choose from a list. 

Submitting for Approval

When data entry is complete, choose Request approval and then choose Entire Unit, Selected Employee, or Selected Line as desired. The timesheet will be sent for approval. If the employee performing data entry is also set up as an approver for the unit, then approval will happen automatically.

Archiving Time Entry lines

A report can be run on an as-needed basis to archive all Processed Time Entry Lines and related Time Line Detail records to the Time Lines Archive. This can improve performance. To access the report, choose the icon that opens the Tell Me feature, enter Archive Time Entry Lines, and then choose the related link.

The report takes an Ending Date as input. All Processed records with a Week End Date value on or before this date are archived.  This action fills in the Archived By and Archive Date/Time fields. A pop up dialog message reports the number of records archived once the report has completed. 

Note that Time Line records are not ready to be archived until all related Time Entry Detail records have been processed through the payroll system, and will be skipped otherwise.

To review the archived lines. choose the icon that opens the Tell Me feature, enter Time Lines Archive, and then choose the related link.

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