After the scheduling process is completed and the schedule entries have been approved, the Payroll Administrator needs to validate the entries in the Schedule before transferring them to the Compensation Journal. The validation aims to ensure that the schedule entries have valid positions and payroll control codes so Payroll will be able to process them without errors.

To run the validation of schedule entries:

  1. Choose the icon that opens the Tell Me feature, enter Schedules, and then choose the related link. Alternatively from the Schedule Administrator Role Center choose Schedules from the action menu.
  2. Select the Schedule for which you wish to validate the schedule entries.
  3. The Schedule Card displays.
  4. Choose Schedule, Validate All.

The validation checks the schedule lines to ensure:

  • The Payroll Control Code on a shift is not blank
  • The HR Position on a shift is an active position for the employee at that date

Note: If errors occur users will be presented with a screen that lists all the lines with errors. The errors can be corrected on that screen. The entries will be updated with status Validated when all errors are cleared.

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