mySparkrock Scheduling Information

The Scheduling main item from the mySparkrock menu bar provides users with a list of pages where they access their schedule information. (Visible pages are controlled by the mySparkrock User Profiles, so not all users will see all pages.)


There are three primary scheduling user personas. Two of these users perform their tasks in mySparkrock. The third user performs their tasks in the Sparkrock 365 core product.

Different types of user can perform different tasks, and may user different applications to perform those tasks:

Manage schedule templates and rotations

User type Tasks performed Where performed
Employees View their personal schedule across multiple units and locations mySparkrock

My Schedule
Confirm Shifts Worked
Discover available shifts and (if your solution configuration allows) bid on those shifts
Review and accept shifts offered by supervisors
Record changes to shift start and/or end times (or dates, as allowed) and submit those for supervisor approval
Request to be removed from an assigned shift (by the unit supervisor)
Record activities undertaken within a shift, if applicable
Your permission settings, set up by your schedule administrator, will determine if you are able to do this
Arrange a trade of a work shift with another employee within your unit
Unit settings, set up by your schedule administrator, will determine if you are able to do this
Check the overall unit schedule
Confirm shifts worked at the end of each pay cycle
Use the Attendance Management function to record vacation and sick time, which will automatically update the schedule and any affected shifts
Unit supervisors Review the Unit Schedule to ensure that shifts are filled and that no warnings or errors are present Generally performed in mySparkrock

Unit Schedule
Approve Shifts Worked

Update the unit schedule with changes as they happen, including:

  • Creating new shifts when required
  • Deleting shifts when required
  • Changing shift details such as shift hours or activities
Fill available shifts by directly selecting an eligible employee
Review and accept shift bids
Offer shifts to one or more employees and select one employee from those who accept
Make a filled shift vacant if the employee cannot work the shift, for example due to illness
Replace an assigned employee with another eligible employee
Review shift time changes requested by employees to approve or deny them
Review and approve (or reject) a trade of work shifts between employees in your unit
Unit settings, set up by your schedule administrator, will determine if shift trades are allowed
Approve shifts worked at the end of each pay cycle to send them to payroll, if applicable
Note: Your permission settings, set up by your administrator, will determine if you are able to do this, even if you are not the particular unit's supervisor
Schedule Administrators Configure Areas and Units Sparkrock 365

Schedule Administrator Role Center
Create unit activities (which are linked to dimensions)
Assign employees to one or more units
Create schedules based on templates
Manage issues that unit supervisors cannot resolve

Note: Unit supervisors manage the schedule for one or more units. Unit supervisors normally use mySparkrock to perform their tasks. Unit supervisor functions are also available in Sparkrock 365, as a subset of the schedule administrator’s capabilities.

Shift Statuses

Shifts in Sparkrock 365 can have one of the following statuses:

Open: The shift is planned but not yet active. The shift is set up in Sparkrock 365, but has not yet been made available to unit supervisors and employees in mySparkrock.

Published: The shift is active and accessible in mySparkrock.

Confirmed: The assigned employee has worked the shift and confirmed it in mySparkrock. If employees need to adjust the shift they should make a change request before confirming.

Approved: The approver (typically one of the Unit Supervisors) has verified the shifts are correctly recorded. Once a shift has been approved it is no longer accessible from mySparkrock and all further actions should take place in Sparkrock 365.

Transferred to Payroll: The approved shift has been processed in Sparkrock 365 and the Compensation Journal entries are created.

Posted: This shift’s activities have actually been paid out. Posted shifts are locked and not editable.

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