Getting Started

To Register for Customer Support site, customer should receive an email from to redeem the invitation and set up a password for the Support site. Once the invitation has been redeemed, the customer can now Login to site using email and password defined. 


Customer Profile can be managed by modifying/viewing personal information. There is also an option to change password under security settings. 

In Home Page, customer is able to open a new case by clicking Open a New Support Request at the bottom right of the page. To view existing cases, you can sort the cases by filtering the tabs:

  • Default View = My Cases (Active)
  • Optional Views =  All Cases (Active), My Cases (Closed), All Cases (Closed)

Before Logging a Case

The more information provided when you open a case, the more effective we can be at isolating the cause of an issue, or what it may not be. Here are some typical questions we may have when you report an issue:

  • Are you able to replicate the issue?
  • What are the steps taken to invoke the issue?
  • Is the issue happening with all users or specific users?
  • Have you seen something like this before?
  • Are you aware of any changes to your system?

Please also provide a screen capture of the full screen if an error message displays. Note: Please be cognizant of not including any confidential data with the screen capture.

Logging a Case

When creating a new case, fill in all the fields as required:

  1. The Case Title* should be concise but distinctive enough.
  2. The Case Description* ties in to questions you should think about before submitting a case. Try to be as descriptive as possible; the more you tell us, the faster we can solve the case.
  3. Case Type (optional) refers to which type of category the case falls in.
  4. Severity (optional)  is set to Default = S3 Medium, but can be changed according to how urgent the matter is. 
  5. An Attachment (optional) to provide further clarification on the case. One attachment can be included when creating a case; additional attachments can be submitted thereafter, by adding a note to the case.

Customers have the option to edit cases and modify data such as Case Type, Severity, Note(s), Attachment(s). In order to attach a file, a note must be created by clicking Add Note at the top right corner of the Edit Case Form. All notes will display at the bottom of Case Form chronologically in descending order with most recent at top. These include notes added by Sparkrock and Customer contact.
NOTE: To find more information on case properties see: Accessing Support

When submitting a case, make sure to review the following:

  1. The Case ID* will appear in subject of all email notifications.
  2. The Sparkrock Contact (Owner)* will automatically be assigned the case as the Support contact for the Customer Account.
  3. The Customer Contact* is based on Sign-on.

When you click Update, an email notification will be sent to the Customer Contact from All the submitted cases will appear in Case View (Default - My Active Cases). 

Once a case is resolved and reviewed/confirmed by customer, close the case by selecting the Resolve button at the top right of the case form. Enter the following data before closing the case fully:

  1. The Resolution which displays brief summary of what was done to resolve the issue.
  2. The Satisfaction rating which is a helpful way to get your feedback.
  3. The Comments (Optional) if you want to add additional comments on the resolution or your satisfaction. 


When the case is closed, an email notification will be sent to Customer Contact  and Sparkrock Contact .

To Reopen an existing case due to more investigation, follow these steps:

  1. Select Case under Closed Case View.
  2. Select Reopen Case at the top right hand corner of case form.
  3. Add note/attachment with details.

An email notification will be sent to Sparkrock Contact .
NOTE: If the issue occurred months ago, please open a new case & reference the previous one (if known).

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