Power BI Services Bundles

Unlocking insights from your data. Improving your ability to make speedy, informed decisions.

Democratizing Insights
Enable everyone at every level of your organization see and explore insights driven from your data.  

Put the power of Microsoft’s Power BI Business Intelligence platform on everyone’s desktop.

Enabling Informed Decision Making
Eliminate the guesswork that comes from manual reporting built atop siloed data.  

Make confident decisions with meaningful insights and data visualizations pulled from unified data sources.

Flexible Bundling & Pricing
Sparkrock can help you to build a data-driven culture through the power of the Power BI platform.
Whether your extending your existing Sparkrock 365 solution, or unifying disparate data sources, Sparkrock has the capability to quickly
nable you to gain deeper data insights and make more informed decisions.  

With flexible bundling and pricing, Power BI has never been more accessible.

Access to defined built-in level of ‘features’ on a yearly basic A-la carte approach
On-going creation of a # of Power BI dashboard(s) every year Pricing is based on T&M
Includes on-going basic support, basic training and modifications Minimum requirements of 10 custom dashboards and 40 custom visuals
Access to predefined existing set of dashboards and visuals as they become available Capabilities tailored on per customer basis. Required capabilities are connection to Sparkrock 365, needs analysis, requirements workshop and basic training.

Connect with the Sparkrock team to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals:
  • Unify disparate data sources to gain meaningful insights
  • Create custom dashboards and data visualizations
  • Improve collaboration and decision-making
  • Keep your data secure with built-in security and privacy controls